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🚧 TermBuddy is experimental software. Bugs are expected. Send logs.

Whenever you your current directory in Terminal.app contains a *.termbuddy file, you’ll see a bookmarks bar below your terminal window.

Start with an empty file with touch .local.termbuddy to show the shortcuts bar. Then press to add and edit bookmarks.


TermBuddy is in early Beta. Please send feedback and discuss via Mastodon: @[email protected].

Change Log

β1.0 (12)
  • Update preferred contact information.
β1.0 (11)
  • Fixed bad handling of screen geometry that manifested as all sorts of bad bugs, especially when multiple monitors are involved.
β1.0 (10)
  • For Jim: Reduce system requirements for agent to macOS 11. Editor continues to require macOS 12.3.
  • Sample shortcut file: sample-bookmark.termbuddy
β1.0 (9)
  • Detailed logging to help track down bugs.
  • Rudimentary Help Book.
β1.0 (8) An empty termbuddy file will show an empty bar, enabling touch .local.termbuddy.
β1.0 (7) Add onboarding to guide permissions requests.
β1.0 (6) Launch global configuration from bar when there isn’t a local configuration.
β1.0 (5) Initial release.