Micro Album

With Micro Album you can hand your phone to a friend to share some photos without risking that they'll swipe too far and see … something 😳

You can use it by "sharing" photos and video from nearly any iOS app, including Photos. Sharing photos and videos is completely local. Micro Album will show them on your device full-screen. You can swipe through only the photos and videos you selected. You can't leave the slideshow without authenticating, the way you unlock your phone. Use Face ID, Touch ID, or your phone's password.

Micro Album does not lock down your device. Never hand your phone to someone you don't trust.

Privacy Policy

Micro Album never collects or transmits personal information, including photos, videos, and IP adresses. Information about the use of Micro Album is collected and aggregated by Apple, and delivered to the developer in an anonymized fashion for the improvement of the application.